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  • Name: object
  • UI: a field containing one or more child widgets
  • Data type: Object of child widget values

The object widget allows you to group multiple widgets together, nested under a single field. You can choose any widget as a child of an object widget, even other object widgets.

Widget Options

For common options, see Common widget options.

fieldsbooleanfalseA nested list of widget fields to include in your widget
collapsedbooleanfalseOptional. Collapse the widget's content by default
summarystringvalueOptional. The label displayed when the object is collapsed

Please note: A default value cannot be set directly on an object widget. Instead you can set defaults within each sub-field's configuration


name: 'profile'
label: 'Profile'
widget: 'object'
summary: '{{}}: {{fields.birthdate}}'
  - name: public
    label: Public
    widget: boolean
    default: true
  - name: name
    label: Name
    widget: string
  - name: 'birthdate'
    label: 'Birthdate'
    widget: 'date'
    default: ''
    format: 'MM/DD/YYYY'
  - name: 'address'
    label: 'Address'
    widget: 'object'
    collapsed: true
      - name: street
        label: Street Address
        widget: string
      - name: city
        label: City
        widget: string
      - name: post-code
        label: Postal Code
        widget: string