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  • Name: image
  • UI: File picker button opens media gallery allowing image files (jpg, jpeg, webp, gif, png, bmp, tiff, svg) only; displays selected image thumbnail
  • Data type: File path string

The file widget allows editors to upload a file or select an existing one from the media library. The path to the file will be saved to the field as a string.

Widget Options

For common options, see Common widget options.

defaultstringnullOptional. The default value for the field. Accepts a string.
media_folderstringOptional. Specifies the folder path where uploaded images should be saved, relative to the base of the repo
public_folderstringOptional. Specifies the folder path where the image uploaded by the media library will be accessed, relative to the base of the built site
media_libraryMedia Library Options{}Optional. Media library settings to apply when the media library is opened by the current widget. See Media Library
choose_urlbooleanfalseOptional. When set to false, the "Insert from URL" button will be hidden
multiplebooleanfalseOptional. When set to true multiple images are allowed in the widget


name: thumbnail
label: Featured Image
widget: image
default: /uploads/chocolate-dogecoin.jpg