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  • Name: file
  • UI: File picker button opens media gallery
  • Data type: File path string

The file widget allows editors to upload a file or select an existing one from the media library. The path to the file will be saved to the field as a string.

Widget Options

For common options, see Common widget options.

defaultstringnullOptional. The default value for the field. Accepts a string.
media_folderstringOptional. Specifies the folder path where uploaded files should be saved, relative to the base of the repo
public_folderstringOptional. Specifies the folder path where the files uploaded by the media library will be accessed, relative to the base of the built site
media_libraryMedia Library Options{}Optional. Media library settings to apply when the media library is opened by the current widget. See Media Library
choose_urlbooleanfalseOptional. When set to false, the "Insert from URL" button will be hidden
select_folderbooleanfalseOptional. When set to true, selecting folders instead of files will be possible. See Media Library for folder support.
multiplebooleanfalseOptional. When set to true multiple files are allowed in the widget


name: manual_pdf
label: Manual PDF
widget: file
default: /uploads/general-manual.pdf
name: gallery_folder
label: Gallery Folder
widget: file
select_folder: true